Human Rights for Journalism – be informed

Human Rights for Journalism (HRJ) is a training provider educating photographers, journalists and video journalists on effective and accurate reporting of human rights.

The workshop provides an opportunity to learn how an improved understanding of Human Rights (and instruments of International Law) could be better used to frame imagery, narratives and genres of human rights focused journalism.

In a climate of ‘post truths’, diminishing political will, and global roll-back of respect for human rights, the journalism community faces enormous challenges in finding a language that better communicates and re-engages both the public and politicians in respect of human rights.

Who should apply?

  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Radio
  • Text Journalists
  • Communications/PI Officers

Particularly those travelling/covering international issues to better understand the fundamentals of Human Rights/International Law, and the importance and increased relevance of human rights focused journalism.

Undergrad/Post Graduates studying Journalism, Media and International Development.

Current Workshops…

Below are our current scheduled Workshop events.

19th November 2018


Arnolfini (BS1 4QA)
Please email us for further details
3rd December 2018


Frontline Club (W12 1QJ)
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