Reporting Indigenous People’s Rights Field Course: has partnered with The Rich Coast Project in Costa Rica and Entremundos in Guatemala to run a Reporting Indigenous People’s Rights Field Course:

  • An opportunity for students studying journalism, media and human rights, indigenous peoples’ rights, environment, gender and development to participate in a course that provides the knowledge and tools to understand how media and journalism professionals can better frame human rights reporting.
  • 8-day intensive workshop providing an opportunity to learn how an improved understanding of Indigenous Peoples Rights (and instruments of International Law) could be better used to frame imagery, narratives and genres of human rights focused journalism.

The workshop delivers an introduction to international human rights laws, with an emphasis on understanding Indigenous Peoples Rights. We explore the formal rules and standards but also create space to discuss the informal, the political and the practical.

Participants will learn how to research and identify violations of human rights, develop an understanding of legal terminology and think critically and creatively about the problems, possibilities and opportunities that exist in reporting on human rights issues.


The course will be run from the town of Puerto Viejo on the southern Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and Quetzaltenango in Guatemala. All field visits and reporting will be conducted in nearby indigenous communities.


The course will be conducted in English. Although Spanish skills are desirable, they are not essential, as translators will be provided when necessary.


Workshop participants will be accommodated in dormitory style rooms at a local hostel throughout their stay. There will be access to WiFi, kitchen and rest areas. Participants can choose to upgrade to private rooms at extra cost.

Workshop Outline

Days 1-4:

Indigenous Peoples Rights, Indigenous Identity and the Right to Self determination; International and Regional Legal Frameworks for Indigenous Peoples’ Rights; Indigenous Rights and the Environment: The right to self-determination, the right to free, prior and informed consent

Days 4-6:

Field Visits – filmmaking, photography reporting, conducting interviews and gathering evidence with local NGO’s, community leaders. The field visits will build on theoretical knowledge gained from readings, resources, and lectures conducted on days 1-4.

Student Field Workshop Dates:

Monday, 5 June 2017 – Monday 12 June 2017

Costa Rica

Monday, 26 June 2017 – Monday 3 July 2017